Following in the footsteps of Romans & Knights

Time travel for families

Roman, knight or damsel? These roles are ideal for little heroines and heroes. How much fun is it to dress up and have great adventures! We inspire children's imagination and provide a suitable framework.

“Why?”, “Why?” - children have a thousand questions. Just as well there are museums that know the answers to many questions, and in a child-friendly way.

The castles, ancient sites and museums along the Mosel ensure exciting tours of discovery for curious children.

Let yourself be surprised – and enchanted!

Perfect places for fairy tales and heroic sagas

High above the Saar, the medieval Saarburg was once a proud andmighty castle complex. The Romans built a large fort above Bernkastel-Kues, from which Landshut Castle emerged. Well hidden from enemies in the forest, the emperor and the archbishop of Trier built Arras Castlein the Middle Ages, which is located near Alf in the environs of Zell. Thurant Castle, built on Roman foundations, is a landmark of Alken an der Mosel and can be seen from afar.

Our TOP 3 castles for special interactive adventures

    Ansicht auf die Reichsburg Cochem.

    Reichsburg Cochem

    The Imperial Castle - Sleeping Beauty must have lived within these walls... High above Cochem looms the mighty Imperial Castle, which was rebuilt in the 19th century by a wealthy Berlin citizen and is a real fairytale castle. As an art lover, he attached importance to architecture and furnishings that were as authentic as possible, making them all the more valuable to us today. The ghost tour with and without a robber's dinner is especially popular with children!

    Off to Reichsburg!
    Ansicht auf einen Gaukler im Innenhof der Ehrenburg, Brodenbach.

    Ehrenburg near Brodenbach

    The Ehrenburg is the perfect place for families, as it is fully geared towards children and has an ample range of offerings, especially in the summer months. Look forward to an interactive theatre adventure, castle exploration with a puzzling element, castle pottery and culinary delights from the court kitchen. Not forgetting that you can even spend the night at the Ehrenburg!

    Off to Ehrenburg!
    Ansicht auf die Festungsruine Mont Royal bei Traben-Trarbach.

    Mont Royal fortress near Traben-Trarbach

    The town of Traben-Trarbach is home to a deeply mysterious fortress ruin in the middle of the forest, the Mont Royal fortress. Lots of old wall remains, underground passages and vaults make it just the thing for brave young explorers. Don’t forget your torch! Amidst the site of the old Mont Royal fortress you will find an exciting high ropes course: The Mosel Adventure Forest invites forest-loving children with a head for heights to enjoy an adventure world of ropes, beams and obstacles as well as a play area.

    Off to Mont Royal fortress!

Ruins can be so exciting!

Especially when you are able to experience them again in their former glory thanks to augmented reality – be it a Roman palace or a medieval castle complex. All you have to do is download the free ARGO app onto your smartphone or tablet, and even things that have long since disappeared will be visible again!

Hände halten Smartphone, Bildschirm zeigt Burganlage auf Berg

Exciting museums for curious children

Museums are of particular interest to children when they can get involved themselves and knowledge is imparted in a child-friendly way. Why use dry facts and figures when you can tell stories? This is also fun for the adults!

Our TOP 5 museums for families

    Ansicht auf den Innenhof der Festung Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz.

    Ehrenbreitstein Fortress cultural centre in Koblenz

    Take the chairlift at Deutsches Eck and ride up to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress to enjoy views of the Mosel and Rhine. Right next to the main entrance of the fortress is where the “Stations of Fortress History” museum journey through time begins. And there's so much more to discover: For example, you can go on an exciting journey of discovery through 1 million years of history together. A corresponding scavenger hunt is available free of charge at the Haus der Archäologie. On certain days, you can hold things in your hands that are otherwise locked away in display cabinets. How does it feel to hold a hand axe? How does it feel to be in 12 kg of Celtic chain mail? How strenuous is grain milling by hand? You can answer such questions by giving things a try and experiencing them for yourself!

    Tip: the fortress grounds, amidst the former Federal Garden Show grounds, also offer plenty of space for running around, playing and picnicking.

    Off to Ehrenbreitstein!
    Glasvitrine mit historischen Spielzeugfahrzeugen

    Historic doll, toy and icon museum

    Experience the “Diversity Museum” on the Moselle in the Machern Monastery near Zeltingen-Rachtig on a family rally (subject to availability and prior booking). It offers an imaginative glimpse into the childhood of previous generations with a wide selection of historical toys and LEGO® exhibits.

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    Ansicht auf ein Gemälde von Tony Munzlinger in der Casa Tony M. in Wittlich.

    Casa Tony M. in Wittlich

    Casa Tony M. shows works by the painter and cartoonist Tony Munzlinger and features a specially furnished “children's room – per bimbi” with illustrations from his “children's books”. For younger children, there is a colouring wall along with paper, pencils and a reading corner. Older visitors can watch the SWR productions “Unterwegs mit Odysseus” and “Abenteuer des Heracles” in the “TV room”.

    Off to Casa Tony M
    Ansicht auf eine Kinderführung im Stadtmuseum Simeonstift in Trier.

    Simeonstift City Museum in Trier

    Right next to Trier's Porta Nigra, the modern and traditional City Museum displays art and cultural treasures from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. You can borrow a family bag at the museum ticket office and there is no need to book in advance. In the bag, you will find game and quiz materials that provide some creative stimuli for your visit to the museum. Scavenger hunts relating to the permanent exhibition on the history of the city are also available. A free children's audio guide is of course not to be missed. You can watch a family video tour of the permanent exhibition on YouTube or on the museum's website – either while you're still at home preparing or on site via the museum WLAN.

    Off to Simeonstift!
    Ansicht auf das Freilichtmuseum Roscheider Hof in Konz.

    Roscheider Hof Open Air Museum in Konz

    How did our parents and grandparents live in the past? Children love to listen to stories about the olden days. Even more so when they can go on a real journey back in time too! For example, in the large open air museum grounds with Hunsrück village, Mosel village, bourgeois rose garden as well as a number of rural gardens. Here you can run around and play as well as see how children used to live in the countryside. A 4,000 square metre folklore exhibition in the historic exhibition building and the forest museum offers insights into all areas of life, from viticulture to dentistry. The museum ticket office can provide you with exploration sheets for different age groups. Some of the topics to explore include the corner shop and the old school, living and working (open air site) as well as house and kitchen work (open air site).

    Off to Roscheider Hof!

Recreational fun for young Romans

Roman history comes alive at the Mosel. The fact that the region was once a Roman settlement can be seen and felt at every turn, which makes a trip to the Roman sites an exciting journey through time and one of discovery for the whole family!

Our TOP 5 Roman sites for Families

    Ansicht auf eine Gruppe während der Erlebnisführung Geheimnis der Porta Nigra in Trier.

    Roman city of Trier

    Powerful Roman emperors once resided in Trier! This is why the city with its UNESCO World Heritage is a MUST for all Roman fans. See where gladiators used to fight too. Explore the underground supply tunnels in the Imperial Baths and climb up the Porta Nigra! The best way to do this is with the illustrative “Family Pass to Roman Trier”. You will get this when you buy your ticket. In it, you will find vivid depictions of Roman life. There’s a quiz too.

    The monuments themselves often feature interesting short films with graphic reconstructions.

    If you have children over the age of 10, you should definitely go on one of the adventure tours: Professional actors slip into fictional roles from earlier times. A gladiator in the amphitheatre or a centurion in the Porta Nigra are just two examples!

    Off to Trier
    Ansicht auf eine Packeselwanderung zur Tempelanlage Tawern.

    Tawern temple complex

    In the middle of the forest near Tawern, you'll find a rebuilt temple complex that is the perfect place to play Roman games. A short footpath leads to it via a car park next to the forest.

    There is also fun to be had taking a pack mule hike to the temple complex from the neighbouring village of Mannebach. Bilbo and Gandalf are very patient and obedient companions who’ll carry the luggage, the provisions or even a tired child. However, this tour needs to be booked in advance.

    Off to temple complex
    Ansicht auf die Römische Villa in Longuich.

    Roman villa in Longuich

    The Romans were great builders. And those who had enough money could afford magnificent estates! The bathing wing of a large estate was rebuilt in the winegrowing village of Longuich. The Villa Urbana is open to visitors, but the inside of the bathing wing can only be viewed through a lattice door. This wing is opened as part of a guided tour, which takes place every Sunday at 10:30 am during the season. Below the villa there is an outdoor area with a water treading pool. The area around the villa also offers plenty of space to run around and play.

    Your children now want to know how the water got into the bathing pools? If so, continue onwards to the Roman water conduit in Pölich, where a Roman water conduit can still be seen. You can walk through a short section, and with a height of 1.20 m in places and a width of roughly 0.50 m, you only have to pull in your head and stomach. Daylight falls through the building shafts. Ideal for children! Take rubber boots, a torch and a hard hat with you.


    Off to Roman villa
    Das Römerschiff Stella Noviomagi fährt auf der Mosel bei Neumagen-Dhron.

    Roman wine ship

    A Roman merchant used to sail across the Mosel in such a ship and deliver his wine to customers. He was immortalised on a famous funeral monument located in the Mosel village of Neumagen-Dhron. The ship has since been reconstructed and is ready to sail. So how about a “Roman” cruise aboard the Stella Noviomagi? You have the chance to do this every weekend during the season and occasionally on Wednesdays.

    Follow the archaeological trail through Neumagen-Dhron too and check out the illustrative museum at the Tourist Information Centre

    Off to Roman wine ship
    Ansicht auf die Tempelanlage Martberg in Treis-Karden

    Martberg Archaeological Park

    Take a 5 km hike along the Lenus Mars Trail up to the Martberg between Treis-Karden and Pommern. A Roman temple complex has been reconstructed on the high plateau and offers a good opportunity for a leisurely picnic. The information boards will teach you some interesting facts about the excavations and settlement of the temple complex.

    Off to Martberg

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